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In order to get a personal notebook, you first have to register. Click the Notebook on the right side of the top menu and fill your email and a password.

The Practice Page

The practice page enables you to master how to solve different topics via training.

On the top of the page you can see the different subjects available for practicing. Next to it you can find the social buttons.

The "Practice Topic" menu on the left lists the different topics you can train.

On the center is the practice question. Under it you will find hints, if you feel you need them, or the eentire explanation, once you've inserted you solution.

On the right you will find a concise version of the scientific pad. Under it is the input box, similar to the one the solutions page.

Solving a Practice Problem

First, click the topic you wish to practice. In order to keep track of you progress, each topic contains the number of times you have answered a question correctly. if you managed to answer 5 questions, then you get a crown, signifying that you matered this topic. You can still continue practicing mastered topic, too, if you so desire.

Once you chose a topic, a practice problem will appear. take a piece of paper and try to solve it.
Next to the hint button you can find the number of steps needed to solve this problem. This can give a general idea whether you are on the right path.

If you get stuck, click the hint button, it will give a hint regarding what the next step should be.

Finally, when you think you have the correct answer, insert it into the input box and press "verify". If you got the right answer you can proceed to the next problem.

If you didn't get the correct answer, you can either skip this problem, try again, or skip to the next question. A good idea, in this stage, will be to recheck you steps, and if you see nothing wrong, click the hint button and then try solving the problem again.

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