Help - Graphing Functions

General Graphing

Graphing is a great way to build intuition and get to more profound, concrete understanding of a topic. When a graphis relevant to a problem, Symbolab offers a graph at the bottom of the page.

When a graph is offered, you will see a "Graph" link beneath the textbox. The graph can be reached by either clicking that link, hiding the steps, or by scrolling to the bottom of the page. The graphs are offered not only for algebra-level problems, but also for limits, integrals, and other instances where looking at the graph can benefit the student.

Interactive Graphs

When the expression is one dimensional, you get a interactive plot. The plot can be zoomed in and out using your scroller, or the +.- buttons on the top right hand side. You can explore different parts of the graph by clicking and moving the mouse. Occasionally, the graph will include information related to the problem. For example, a limit plot will display the point of convergence; a definite integral will fill the area being integrated.

When the expression is within the scope of the "Functions" topic, it is rigorously analyzed. The domain, Range, extreme points, and much more are deduced. As a result, all of the results from exploring the graph are present. When hovering over a dot, or a line, a popup appear, describing the value and the significance of the selected element.

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